The Five Types of Creditor Violations

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November 25, 2015
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The Five Types of Creditor Violations

Being sent to collections can happen to the best of us. Hey, we all hit rough patches. While our family and friends can show us some empathy, your creditors couldn’t care less. They want their money and some of them are willing to do whatever they can to try and get it. Once they’ve exhausted their ability to collect on your debt, they often sell your debt (at a deeply discounted rate) to a Third Party Collection Company. Some of these companies just straight up, flat-out, violate laws put into place to protect consumers. They bank on you being afraid and not looking to see if they’re telling the truth when they make threats. It often works. We don’t like these companies. We want to take them down. To do so, there have been two important pieces of legislation designed to protect the consumers of America from illegal and unfair debt collection practices. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).


The FDCPA and TCPA have made it clear the following forms of debt collections are against the law:

  1. 3rd Party Collection Companies Leaving Voicemails – If companies are leaving you voicemails, it’s important to know they have to say very specific things while avoiding others. Many of these companies
  2. 3rd Party Collection Companies Calling You at Work – If you, or your employer has told a collection company not to call you at work, every time they do is a violation.
  3. 3rd Party Collection Companies Calling a Non-spousal Family Member About Your Debt – Debt collectors aren’t allowed to call your neighbors (or anyone else that might know you) to try and get you to pay your debt. This is an illegal form of shaming and some of the worst 3rd party collection companies are guilty of the practice.
  4. 3rd Party Collection Companies Excessively Dialing You (more than 3 times per day)– Not only is this annoying to no end but it’s also illegal as balls. If a collection company is calling you more than three times a day, you could be entitled to some money.
  5. Creditors or 3rd Party Collection Companies Calling You on Your Cell Phone – Collection companies aren’t allowed to call your cell phone if you’ve told them not to. If they still are, then you could have a very valid complaint on your hands that could net you $500 for every call.

Debt Free America works with several different partners to make sure your debt collectors aren’t harassing you. Our vast resources, high tech tools, and extensive experience in helping good, honest people shed the stress and annoyance of collection calls. In some cases, we might even be able to help you collect some money from 3rd party collectors who are violating the FDCPA and TCPA. Call our Resolution Group today at (571) 418-3300 to discuss your individual case.

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